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SOLIDARITY Avenue is the name of the street in Poznań, Poland. This Avenue memorizes the Movement of Solidarity that at its height had 10 million members and became an ‘agora of freedom’ operating within the totalitarian regime.

Today, as a researcher and global-citizen, observing the world’s bigger and smaller issues of global and local impact, I would like to invite You to Solidarity Avenue — to the place, where I hope to recreate the agora of hope for democracy and freedom.


To help or not to help?

Recently a friend asked about my opinion on supporting a group of clowns going from the UK to cheer Ukrainian refugee children in Poland. Here are some thoughts…

Polski Nowy Ład – Polish New Deal

Ogłoszony 15 maja przez Zjednoczoną Prawicę—Nowy Ład—to ogromny problem dla podzielonej opozycji, a jeszcze większy dla aktywistek i aktywistów prawno-człowieczych w Polsce, bo co jeżeli nowym ładem dla społecznego status quo będzie: “ja nie zgadzam się z PiSem w kwestiach światopoglądowych, ale wszystko inne mi odpowiada”. Tak jak w 2015 myślałem, a co jeżeli uda…

“Poles Waive the Rainbow Flag in LGBTQI+-free zones”

Great Mentorship and Cooperation reaps wonderful fruits — grateful for this piece with Prof. Patrice C. McMahon on dehumanizing LGBTQI+ “free zones” in Poland published by the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs.

About Łukasz:

Łukasz W. Niparko is a Graduate Research Assistant and a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln specializing in Multi-Methods and Qualitative Research, Legal Research, and Analysis of Civil Society, Democracy, and Central/Eastern Europe.

He is an alumnus of the United World College (UWC-USA), St. Lawrence University (SLU), and European University Viadrina (M.A./LL.M. in International Human Rights Law). He served with various NGOs, including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Humanity In Action (HIA, where he currently is a member of the Leadership Council), and Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH). He co-founded the Peace and Liberal Arts Education Center (China), Anne Frank Project: Poznań (Poland), and the Global Dialogue Center at SLU. He was the Pat Cox Fellow in the European Parliament and worked with the Delegation Chair to the Korean Peninsula and EU-China Group. His interests concern the nexus of civil society and democracy, legal prevention of discrimination, and international affairs.

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